Flask login with PostgreSQL

DEPENDENCY LISTS HERE DO HAVE UNNECESSARY PACKAGES AND PACKAGES WHICH DO NOT EXIST. It should be good enough to get this working (irnore warnings about missing packages), but the dependencies in this text should be corrected.


Install PostgreSQL

sudo apt-get install libllvm10 libpq-dev libpq5 libwxbase3.0-0v5 libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5
sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-12 postgresql-client
sudo apt-get install postgresql-client-12 postgresql-client-common postgresql-common
sudo apt-get install postgresql-doc postgresql-doc-12 sysstat
sudo apt-get install postgresql-contrib

Note: pgadmin 3 has been obsoleted, use pgdmin 4. Run script "sudo apt.postgresql.org.sh"
to add repository, then "sudo apt-get install pgadmin4".

Postgre daemon can be started and stopped. Enabling daemon means that it is started automatically at boot.

sudo systemctl start postgresql
sudo systemctl stop postgresql
sudo systemctl enable postgresql
sudo systemctl disable postgresql

Set postgreSQL password

When postgre has been installed fron ubuntu distro log:

sudo -u postgres psql

Set default “postgres” user password to “smith333”

postgres=# ALTER USER postgres PASSWORD 'smith333';
postgres=# create database iocafecloud;

Starting with flask login tutorial

Running flask login tutorial


Here we assume that we have anaconda virtual environment set up, see “flask setup for production”.

cd /coderoot
git clone https://github.com/toddbirchard/flasklogin-tutorial.git
conda activate flask
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m pip install flask flask-login flask-sqlalchemy flask-wtf
sudo python -m pip install psycopg2-binary
sudo python -m pip install psycopg2

requirements.txt file opened (I do not think these all are needed, inherited from example)

python -m pip install click dnspython email-validator
python -m pip install Flask Flask-Assets Flask-SQLAlchemy Flask-WTF
python -m pip install idna, itsdangerous, Jinja2
python -m pip install PyMySQL python-dotenv SQLAlchemy
python -m pip install webassets, Werkzeug, WTForms

Starting it up

Modify start.sh test script to use our postgres database.

# start.sh
export FLASK_APP=wsgi.py
export FLASK_DEBUG=1
export APP_CONFIG_FILE=config.py
export SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI=postgresql://postgres:smith333@
export SECRET_KEY=typeanythingsecrethere
flask run
cd /coderoot/flasklogin-tutorial
conda activate flask

Open web browser at