RS232 “3 wire serial” connector v1

RS232 connector is 2x5 FC-10P 2.54mm dual row IDC socket connector.


RS232 connector and cable orientation

Both ends use same pinout, cross over needs to be in the cable. Pins 2, 3, and 5 must be connected.

Connector pinout
pin nr name description
1 DCD Data carrier detect (optional).
2 RxD Received data.
3 TxD Transmitted data.
4 DTR Data terminal ready (optional).
5 GND Signal ground.
6 DSR Data set ready (optional).
7 RTS Request to send (optional).
8 CTS Clear to send (optional).
9 RI Ring indicator (optional).
10 NC Not connected, used to avoid connecting wrong cable. Box header pin should be cut, and cable plugged for this pin.